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How To Acid Wash Your Swimming Pool

November 14, 2023

To acid wash your pool, prepare a 75% acid to 25% water solution, adjusting as needed. Apply the solution in sections, brushing each for even coverage, and rinse thoroughly. Handle steps carefully to avoid pitting and ensure the floor receives extra attention. Prioritize safety with appropriate gear and ventilation, and adhere to environmental guidelines for disposing of the acid wash runoff.

Acid washing a swimming pool is a crucial maintenance task that removes stains and rejuvenates the pool's appearance. This guide offers detailed insights and tips for effectively acid washing a pool, ensuring safety and efficiency in the process.

Understanding the Acid Washing Process

Acid washing is an invasive procedure that strips a layer off the pool's surface to remove stains and buildup. It's imperative to approach this task with caution and knowledge. Pool service professionals, especially those new to acid washing, should start with a lower concentration of acid and water mixture, progressively increasing as they gain experience. This approach helps avoid streaking and foundation inconsistencies.

Preparing for the Acid Wash

Preparation is key in acid washing. Gather all necessary tools and set them up close to the pool to avoid frequent trips to the truck. This includes a power washer for initial cleaning, multiple pails for the acid solution, and safety gear. A 75% acid to 25% water solution is recommended for professionals like Chris, but this ratio can be adjusted based on the pool's foundation and stain severity.

Applying the Acid Solution

Begin by pouring the acid solution along the tile line to ensure a consistent flow downwards. This technique helps prevent inconsistencies in the acid wash and ensures even coverage. Divide the pool into sections (eighth sections are ideal) and focus on one section at a time, moving systematically around the pool. This methodical approach ensures even application and prevents missed spots.

Brushing and Rinsing

Brushing the pool is crucial in pushing the acid mixture into the surface and blending sections together. It's important to overlap sections slightly to ensure a smooth transition. After brushing, rinse the section thoroughly before moving to the next. This step is vital in preventing streaking and ensuring an even acid wash.

Special Considerations for Steps and Floors

Steps should be handled last due to their detailed nature and susceptibility to pitting if acid sits too long. The floor often gets treated during the wall washing process but may require additional attention. Fine-tune the process by touching up missed spots and thoroughly rinsing the pool.

Safety and Environmental Considerations

Safety is paramount when performing an acid wash. Utilize appropriate protective gear, including respirators and goggles, and ensure proper ventilation. Additionally, it's important to consider environmental regulations, such as disposing of acid wash runoff in compliance with local guidelines.

Finalizing the Acid Wash

After completing the acid wash, thoroughly rinse the pool walls and floor. Use a shop vacuum to remove all debris and residue from the pool. This final step is crucial in ensuring a clean, refreshed surface.

Acid washing a swimming pool, when done correctly, can significantly improve its appearance and health. By following these detailed steps and prioritizing safety, pool service professionals can effectively perform acid washes with confidence. Remember, this process requires experience and precision, and in some cases, it might be best left to seasoned professionals. Stay informed, stay safe, and keep striving for excellence in pool maintenance.

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