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Monthly Pool Cleaning in Mesa

Our comprehensive monthly pool cleaning service in Mesa is designed to keep your pool pristine and ready for use all year round. We conduct a primary visit every week, ensuring your pool remains in top condition and bill monthly for your convenience.
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Arizona Monthly Swimming Pool Cleaning Service
$135/mo + Chemicals

Mesa Pool Cleaning Service

Our monthly pool cleaning service in Mesa is tailored to keep your pool pristine throughout the year. We conduct weekly visits to maintain chemical balance, clean baskets and traps, skim leaves, and brush your pool's sides, steps, and bottom. We clean the salt cell as needed, backwash filters, add DE, adjust cleaning systems, and inspect all plumbing and pumps to ensure everything operates smoothly. This all-inclusive approach, billed monthly for convenience, guarantees your pool is always in top condition, blending our rigorous maintenance routine with the ease of a single, predictable payment.
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What's Included In Our Pool Cleaning Service?

  • We keep your pool perfectly balanced by adding all the necessary chemicals.
  • Every week, we clean out all the baskets and traps, including the pump basket.
  • We'll skim the pool to remove leaves from both the surface and the bottom.
  • We take care of brushing the sides, steps, and bottom of your pool.
  • Whenever needed, we clean your salt cell.
  • We backwash your filter and add DE as required.
  • We make sure the cleaning systems are properly adjusted for optimal performance.
  • All plumbing, pumps, and filtration systems are checked by us to ensure they're working as they should.
  • We make sure vacuums are maintained and running properly.
Need more than a pool cleaning? We do it all! Check out our other services to keep your pool at it's best.
Pool Sand Filter

Sand Filters

Sand filters use a bed of sand to filter dirt and debris from the water. As the pool water is pushed through the sand, particles are trapped between the sand grains.

Pros of a sand pool filter:

  • Low Maintenance: They require backwashing (reversing the flow of water to flush out contaminants) and only need sand replacement every 5-7 years.
  • Cost-Effective: Generally less expensive than other types of filters.
  • Ease of Use: Simple to operate and understand.

Cons of a sand pool filter:

  • Lower Filtration Quality: They typically filter out particles down to 20-40 microns, which is less effective than other types.
  • Water Usage: Backwashing can waste water.

Cartridge Filters

These filters use a replaceable filter cartridge, usually made of polyester or other fabric-like material, which traps debris as the water passes through.

Pros of a cartridge pool filter:

  • Higher Filtration Quality: They can filter out smaller particles (about 10-15 microns) than sand filters.
  • Less Water Waste: No backwashing is needed; cartridges are removed and cleaned with a hose.
  • Energy Efficient: They operate at a lower pressure, which can mean less strain on the pool pump and energy savings.

Cons of a cartridge pool filter:

  • Maintenance: The filter cartridges need to be cleaned regularly and replaced every 1-3 years.
  • Higher Initial Cost: Typically more expensive to purchase than sand filters.
Pool Cartridge Filter
Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly Pool Cleaning FAQ

Just like an electric bill, the cost of chemicals varies seasonally, based on your needs. Typically this means you will see a higher cost in the summer due to increased usage and lower cost in the winter. This is because we only charge you for the exact amount needed.
After each weekly visit, we provide a detailed report that includes a summary of the services performed, the condition of your pool, and any necessary recommendations for maintenance or repairs. This report also includes pictures for your reference. You'll receive this report via email or a direct link to an online portal, ensuring you're consistently updated on the health and status of your pool.
During our regular inspections, if we identify any issues that require additional maintenance or repair beyond the scope of our standard service, we will immediately inform you. We provide a detailed assessment of the issue, along with a transparent cost estimate for any additional work required. Our aim is to ensure your pool remains in optimal condition, and we can schedule these additional services at your convenience, often at a discounted rate for our monthly service subscribers.

For All Your Pool Needs in Mesa

At Pool Rescuers, we've got all your pool needs covered. From cleaning to repairs, we handle it all so you don't have to worry. Our team knows pools inside and out, and we're here to make sure yours is always ready for a dip – clear, clean, and in top shape.

Think of us as your go-to folks for keeping your pool at its best. Check out what we offer and see how we can help keep your pool the place everyone wants to be. Whether it's fixing a filter or just regular cleaning, we're on it. With Pool Rescuers, you're in good hands. Let's make your pool the best part of your backyard.Check out our other services to keep your pool at it's best.
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