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Chlorine & Acid Washing

Revitalizing residential pools with chlorine & acid washing, effectively removing stains and restoring appearance.
Acid Washing

Arizona Pool Chlorine & Acid Washing

Over time, pools can develop stains and discolorations. Our chlorine & acid washing service helps rejuvenate your pool's appearance, effectively removing tough stains. This treatment will have your home pool looking brand new in no time.

Every Service Includes

Surface stain identification
Application of acid solution
Thorough rinsing
Refilling and rebalancing pool water
Draining the pool
Scrubbing affected areas
Neutralizing acid residues

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chlorine & Acid Washing FAQ

Pools should be chlorine & acid washed every 5-7 years, or when stains and discolorations become noticeable.
While chlorine & acid washing is effective, we use techniques and solutions that minimize risk to your pool surface.
After a chlorine & acid wash, pools typically need 24-48 hours to be refilled, treated, and rebalanced.
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