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Green to Clean

Expert revitalization of green, algae-filled pools, turning them from murky to crystal-clear, ensuring a healthy and enjoyable swimming environment.
Green to Clean

Cleaning Green Pools in Arizona

Transforming a neglected, algae-infested pool into a sparkling, inviting oasis is our specialty with our "Green to Clean" service. This comprehensive service is designed for pools that have turned green due to lack of maintenance or improper chemical balance. We utilize effective and efficient methods to tackle everything from quick turnaround jobs for upcoming events to complete overhauls of severely neglected pools. Our approach ensures that your pool is not just visually appealing, but also healthy and safe for swimming.

Every Service Includes

Thorough Cleaning and Algae Removal
Professional Chemical Treatment
Equipment Care and Protection
Expert Guidance and Consultation

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Green to Clean FAQ

The duration of the "Green to Clean" process depends on the severity of the algae problem. For less severe cases, it may take a couple of days, while severely neglected pools might require up to a week. After the treatment, we recommend waiting at least 24-48 hours before using the pool to ensure that the chemicals have fully balanced and the water is safe for swimming.
Yes, the chemicals we use are safe when handled and applied correctly, which is part of our professional service. We ensure that all chemicals are balanced to industry standards, making the water safe for swimming for both your family and pets. We also provide guidance on how long to wait post-treatment before using the pool, ensuring complete safety.
To prevent your pool from turning green again, regular maintenance is key. This includes monitoring and balancing the pH and chlorine levels, regular cleaning and skimming, and using a pool cover when the pool is not in use to reduce algae growth. We also offer ongoing maintenance advice and services to help keep your pool in optimal condition. Additionally, scheduling regular professional check-ups can help catch and address any issues before they lead to algae growth.
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